LR14 SIZE C AM2 1.5V

Type:LR14 Super Alkaline Battery
Our batteries are ideal for use in many battery powered devices, including:
Wireless Mouse\Keyboards,Toys,Remote controls,Flashlights,Calculators,Clocks and Radios,
and more.

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Item LR14 SIZE C AM-2 1.5V
Meterial Zn,MnO2,KOH,H2O,etc.
Content of heavy metals
South’s Value 2006/66/EC standard
Lead (%) <500ppm ------
Cadmium (%) 20ppm 20ppm
Mercury (%) 1ppm 5ppm
The basic technical data Nominal Voltage 1.5V Open Circuit Voltage 1.58~1.65V
Diameter 24.9~26.2mm Height 48.6 ~ 50 mm
Electrical properties Test Condition Cutoff voltage MAD
3.9Ω 24h/d 0.9V >17hours
3.9Ω 1h/d 0.8V >20hours
6.8Ω 1h/d 0.9V >33hours
20Ω 4h/d 0.9V >110hours
1.8Ω 15s/min 24h/d 0.9V > 410cycles
Packing jacket Metallic jacket
Shrink Pack 2pcs/shrink,12pcs/innerbox,240pcs/carton
Blister card 2pcs/card,12pcs/innerbox,192pcs/carton
Shelf life 3years