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Quality System

Company Quality System

Quality Policy:

Persisting and practice truth, innovating and exploring, progressing and contributing, and pursuing outstanding.

Quality Rule:

Accelerate the technical equipment upgrade; Manage the company by law; Insist on quality first; Serve the user sincerely.

South Battery: Quality System

       We successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system  and had the certificate issued in early September 2003. The quality management system is employed in the process of designing and producing alkaline zinc manganese dioxide dry batteries and Zn-Mn dry batteries.            
      Our company has achieved great  performance in quality of productions and services and improved economic benefits sharply since the quality management system was built in 2003. Meanwhile, we always take environmental protection seriously. In order to continue to develop steadily, achieve economic benefits, reduce pollution further, save resourcesand reduce consumption,based on “Persisting and practice truth, innovating and exploring, progressing and contributing, and pursuing outstanding.” as quality policy, and “follow national laws, protect environment, prevent pollution, save energy and lower consumption, achieve great social benefits” as environment policy, we built quality management system under requirements of ISO9001: 2008.

Electric Performance Lab

     Main targeted for charge & discharge performance, overcharge & over discharge test, capacity sorting test and smart battery test, which applicable to lithium-ion battery, Ni-MH battery, lead-acid battery, carbon battery, alkaline battery, lithium button cell battery, etc. Testing equipment includes Blue-Key lithium battery capacity sorting cabinet, Neware/RePower ageing cabinet, primary battery auto-discharge test cabinet and so on.

Chemical Lab

Mainly test whether battery materials contain environmental hazardous elements and their content, including Pb, Cd, Hg and so on. It has atomic absorption spectrophotometer (including flame atomic generator and flow hydride generator), electronic analysis scale, electric-heating distilling apparatus, etc.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Widely used to analyze trace elements of various materials and test Pb, Cd, Hg and other 50 elements. There are two generators for this instrument: flame atomic generator testing ppm level content (10-6) and low hydride generator with sensitivity reaching ng/ml level (10-9).

Electronic Analysis Scale:

Features: automatic failure inspection, external weight, automatic adjustment, overload protection, precise measurement, noctilucent display, internal tackle, piece weighing, percentage weighing, unit transfer (mg, g, kg, pound, carat and ounce), build in RS232C connector, and connection to computer and printer.

Electric-heating Distilling Apparatus:

Heat the running water with electricity, through distilling method generate pure water to be used in medical sanitation, pharmacy, plating and lab section.