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Researches & Development

                The Company obtians many advanced battery manufacturing, testing and packaging line. The company obtains registered trademarks such as ENTOP, NANKE etc. The main product size includes R20P, R14P, R6P, R03P, 6F22 LR6, LR03, etc. The main package covers PVC colorful jacket, aluminum foil, hot shrink, card inserted, blister cup etc. The total capacity of manufacturing exceeds 700 million pieces.
Anual Production Capacity: 400 million pcs batteries.
Quantity Capacity
R20P Line 1 line 200pcs/min
R14P Line 1 line 200pcs/min
R6P Line 3 lines 600pcs/min
R03 Line 3 lines 600pcs/min

Production Line

 Aluminum Foiled Labeling Line    Shrink Packaging Machine  PVC Label Packaging Line
                 Aluminum Foil jacket Labeling Line                                               Hot shrink Packaging Machine                                                  PVC jacket Packaging Line

Blister Packaging Line      Battery Production Workshop 
                   Blister card Packaging Line                                                Fully automatic Battery Production Line


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